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Since 2009, the issue of increasing the steel production ceiling by ten million tons in the Persian Gulf Special Economic Zone has been raised and also according to the results of studies of the country's comprehensive steel plan, the construction of steel units in economic capacity and along southern waters has high priority. On the other hand, due to the limitations of the country's iron ore reserves in order to access foreign raw materials and use the country's competitive advantages such as energy, skille worker, experience and knowledge, the issue of steel production and export of high value-added products in the region. In line with Imidro's policy and emphasis, it accelerated and was followed by the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Imidro and steel and mining companies, which was also approved by the governor of Hormozgan. In this regard, Setareh Simin Hormoz Mining and Steel Industries Company was established with the following shareholders with an initial capital of 250 billion Rials and for the development of steel in the region, which increased the company's capital to 3250 billion Rials in order to advance the initial goals.

Infrastructure and project benefits

  • Located in the north-south corridor
  • Possibility of using the dedicated wharf of the Persian Gulf Mining and Metal Industries Special Zone
  • Proximity to Shahid Rajaei port and easy access to international waters and the possibility of importing raw materials and exporting products
  • Take advantage of special zone to import raw materials and export products
  • Access to multimodal transport
  • Adjacent to specialized companies active in the field of steel industry located in the Persian Gulf Mining and Steel Industries Region
  • Existence of suitable land with the possibility of ownership for the current plan and the possibility of increase for the future development of the plan

Project goals

  • Development of steel production in the region up to 10 million tons to create an economic and competitive complex with the synergy of existing units in the region and in line with the results of studies of the comprehensive steel plan of the country
  • Production and export of high value-added products
  • Possibility of supplying raw materials from abroad and exporting intermediate and final products
  • Providing a suitable investment platform to attract domestic and foreign investors to the region

Work Team

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Esmaeil Tabadar


Ahmad Aghazade